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Since 2008, Chirag Industry has been a leading manufacturer of fully automatic multi-functional concrete block and brick machines, nominated by the Indian National Ministry of Construction. Guided by the management concept of ‘Quality creates value, profession accomplishes success,’ Chirag Industry has developed its own core technology and over 24 types of high-performance products with self-owned intellectual property rights. Leveraging German frequency conversional technology, Chirag Industry has established a competitive advantage in the industry. Our products have won numerous ‘Product Patent Awards’ and ‘Product Innovation Awards,’ solidifying our position as the top brand in India’s block making machine industry. With a global presence, our machines are used in over 108 countries and regions, including Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Oceania.”


The endless river eastwards flows, with its huge waves are gone all those gallant heroes of bygone years. CHIRAG INDUSTRY seizes each and every opportunity of development in the market, to keep competitive in the fast growing industry of construction machinery. We are endeavoring to build the No. I Brand in India.


S.K Sundararajan

If you’re intrigued by our machines, feel free to reach out and inquire. Dial now at +91 9566630308.